E-Paper    106- July Newsletter
2018-08-01 106- July Newsletter

New 4 I/O & Infrared Module for Mailbox management Upcoming.

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【Exhibition Notification】
We are pleased to inform that SOYAL will attend the 1st Taiwan International AloT Show that will be hold in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 during Oct 9th ~12th , 2018. We plan to exhibit SOYAL integrated software and solution and we are looking forward to seeing you at the show.  

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【Firmware Update】Control 256 Mailboxes by AR-837E and AR-401RO16B
To connect 16 units of AR-401RO16B to one unit of AR-837E via TTL Converter AR-725L485, the up to 256 Mailboxes can be controlled.
For software operation, please refer to the following picture:
Input the number of Relay point on AR-401RO16B and Alias (A space should be added between the number and Alias); Alias function will be the same as standard version. While reading the card to AR-837E, the corresponding relay will be triggered to open the Mailbox and also sounds Alias if the Voice module is included.
If you would like to test the function, please contact SOYAL to get the customized firmware APS837E__V0401_180331 MailBox256 UART3.STM.
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SOYAL Channel on YouTube!
SOYAL E-Learning Training on YouTube https://www.youtube.com
is updating
biweekly. We believe these videos will be helpful and more convenient for all customers to learn SOYAL System.
Q & A were updated to our website, please go and check on them to get some new information of SOYAL system!
1. S00201025-EN
How to Run 701Software with Different PC User Account?
2. S00307017-EN
How to use Level Comparison function to set up one user card accessing one Time Zone with Card & Pin and another different Time Zone with Card or Pin?
3. H03917001-EN
What User Access Mode is supported when connect two EV5 Series Controllers in Master and Slave Mode for entry and exit?
4. S00315039-EN
Why The Holiday Setting Screen only shows up to Year 2020? What happen after 2020?
5. H03017008-EN
How to Modify 725EV2 to support more to 16,000 users?
Software Version
701 Client Ver180720
701 Server Ver180523
SoyalToolSetup Ver180220

New Function:
Control 256 Mailboxes by AR-837E and AR-401RO16B


New Function:
Automatically deduct Value per minute from Mifare Card

【Highly Notification】The Economical Mifare Tag & Keychain are launched

The Economical Mifare Tag & Keychain are launched
To enhance the competitiveness of our customers in their local market and also gain more benefits, SOYAL launches the new Mifare Tag & Keychain series that are made of Economical Mifare Chips. The functions of Economical series are the same as the Standard series but the price is more affordable and competitive.
The series products are available for sale from now on, Welcome SOYAL authorized distributors to contact us to get the best price and purchase the products.
The Ordering Model Name for Economical Mifare Tag & Keychain as following:
Square Tag: AR-TAGCI3W50F-MF06B
Round Keychain: AR-TAGK33W20F-MF06
Square Keychain: AR-TAGK73W20F-MF06

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【New Product Notification】
SOYAL are developing the mini Infrared module AR-401IR and also upgrading the small 4 I/O Module AR-401MO for MailBox Management Application. The new version of AR-401MO will add the transparent housing and also add one big white LED. When the user opens the mailbox, the white LED will light up the mailbox inside for the user to be easy to check their mails in dark. The two products will be launched around 2018 Sep.
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【Firmware Update】 Automatically deduct Value per minute from Mifare Card

To encrypt Mifare Energy Saver AR-837WD on Mifarekey Tools and store value to Mifare Card on Programmer AR-725P, AR-837WD can start to calculate time since place the card to the socket of 837WD and automatically deduct the certain value from Mifare card (depends on the Auto Deduct Value that is set up on AR-837WD and Mifare Key Tools), the connected output device for example Air-Condition can be automatically switched on / off; the Time, balance, paid value can be seen on LCD Screen. If you would like to test the function, please contact SOYAL to get the customized firmware.
B means Balance; P means the values that have been paid and deducted.
On Hr HH:MM:SS means running time after place the card.

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【SOYAL APP 721H is launched】Remotely control your door on Smart Phone

To make your life more convenient and easy, we launch SOYAL APP 721, which can allow you to remotely control SOYAL reader to open / close the door lock, set up arming / disarm, on your smart phone.

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