E-Paper    111- January Newsletter
2019-01-25 111- January Newsletter

2019 Chinese New Year Holiday & Sensational Sale Week!!!

【Product Info.】 All Series Exit Button Comparison Chart
To make our clients easier and convenient when selecting suitable exit button, we provide the “Exit Button Comparison Chart” as reference.
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【Application】 Cloud Based Community Visitor Management System

In recent years, the requirement of intelligent visitor management system is strongly increasing in Community. SOYAL provides comprehensive hardware Access Devices and also Protocol commands that allow SI for software developers to easily integrate and develop Visitor management system. The following poster provides a full solution of the application for your reference.

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SOYAL Channel on YouTube!
SOYAL E-Learning Training on YouTube https://www.youtube.com
is updating
biweekly. We believe these videos will be helpful and more convenient for all customers to learn SOYAL System.
New Topic: SOYAL Product Promotion Video – Single / Dual Controller & Proximity Reader
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Q & A were updated to our website, please go and check on them to get some new information of SOYAL system!
1. H03717003-EN
Connecting Multi-Door Controller 721E-v2 with Access Reader and setting up Alarm after door opening for more than 30 seconds
2. A012006-EN
701Client supports Global Anti-passback Function For Multi-Controller E/V5 Series
Software Version
701 Client Ver190123
701 Server Ver190121
SoyalToolSetup Ver181130


1. Name: AR-727H-V5 / AR-327H-V5/AR-837E / EF / EF-3DO
New Function:
Fix few bugs to support large User Capacity 32k or 65K
2. Name:AR-721HB / HD、AR-725HB/HD-IO
New Function:Change 07* Master Card Range from 0~1023 to 0~255
Notification】2019 Chinese New Year Holiday & Sensational Sale Week!
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【Notification】9 User-friendly New Functions is updated on 701 Software
SOYAL recently upgrade our 701Software (the version After 701ServerSetup901 190121.exe & 701ClientSetup901 190123.exe) with many user-friendly functions. We listed all these new functions on the following training document for you to easily get know how to use these new functions. You can download the latest software version on SOYAL website to enjoy the upgraded function.
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【Solution】 Using separate DI/O module for 8 Doors’ Door Sensor/ Exit button / Door Lock Control

When connecting many Readers to RS485 Channels on Multi-door control panel AR-727E/Ei-V2, the client would use separate DI/O to connect exit button, door sensor and door relay instead of using the DI/O built-in RS485 reader, the below structure provides you the solution: We can connect 1 unit of DI/O Module AR-401RO8DI16 to first CH1 on and connect up to 8 pcs of RS485 reader to second CH2 on AR-727E/Ei-V2. AR-401RO8DI16 is built-in 8 DO that can be connected with 8 door locks and 16 DI that can be connected for 8 exit button and 8 door sensor. For Alarm output, the client can select: 1. Using the public Alarm on AR-721Ei-V2 2. Add each AR-402MO2DI2 for each RS485 reader so each door has their alone Alarm output.

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