E-Paper    115- May Newsletter
2019-06-04 115- May Newsletter

【New arrival】Intelligent & Vandal resistant Electric Dropbolt Lock AR-1207 Series !!!




【Exhibition】Thank you for visiting SOYAL booth at 2019 Taipei Secutech Show

SOYAL had a successful show at the 2019 Taipei Secutech show during May 8th ~ May 10th, 2019.
SOYAL introduces various new applications for example face recognition integration with IP camera, Auto-Scheduled Control and network remote-IO control on this show that attract great interests to the coming visitors. We sincerely appreciate your visiting by personal to share your market info. and valuable options with us. SOYAL will keep releasing new product and application with innovative technology.

SOYAL Channel on YouTube
SOYAL E-Learning Training on YouTube https://www.youtube.com
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biweekly. We believe these videos will be helpful and more convenient for all customers to learn SOYAL System.
Capture User Access Picture with Integrated IP Camera
Q & A were updated to our website, please go and check on them to get some new information of SOYAL system!
1. S00403008-EN
How to disable SOR on programmed Mifare Controller or Reader?
2. S00202010-EN
Why swiping card on controller under AR-716E the event log shows card code 00000?
3. S00301029-EN
Backup and Restore 701 Server and Client from old PC to new PC
4. I001010-EN
Auto Open Zone for all E/H-V5 series controller
5. I001009-EN
Auto Open Zone for all H series controller and digital door lock AR-323D without keypad
6. I001008-EN
Factory Reset for all H series Controller (including Master Code Configuration)
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Software Version
701 Client Ver190524
701 Server Ver190524
SoyalToolSetup Ver190429


【New arrival】Intelligent & Vandal resistant Electric Dropbolt Lock AR-1207 Series
SOYAL intelligent Electric Dropbolt Lock series AR-1207 is launched which is designed with ultra-thin installation dimension suitable for various mounting place on the market. We provide two types of dimension choices AR-1207A/B-29/36 that can seamlessly replace the old lock AR-1201 and AR-1203 without re-drilling the mounting holes. The new lock AR-1207 series features: three lock time delay setting 1.5s / 3s / 9s; Indictor status and output contact for Door position, Bolt position and bolt tamper-resistant that can be applied for system integration to quickly monitor and identify the lock status for easy maintenance.
【Advance Announce For New Application】 Capture User Access Picture with Integrated IP Camera
SOYAL are upgrading our software 701Client so it can support capturing User Access picture from 4 IP cameras (Note: Only integrated with one designated IP camera brand); we recommend to install 4 IP cameras at the main Access Control and Time Attendance entrance. When the user swiping the valid card or pressing fingerprint for access at entrance, the action will be captured by IP camera and displayed on 701Client software in real-time providing the administrator to compare if the captured user picture is matched with the existing user picture data stored in software; at the same time, the captured picture will be automatically saved to the installation path of 701Client software with the file name defined by captured date and time for convenient tracking and review in future.
【New arrival】Modbus Smart Switch AR-888T
SOYAL new launch Smart switch AR-888T supports Modbus RTU/ SOYAL communication protocol commands providing the integration interface with CCTV monitoring system software that can receive switch on/ off status in real time and also output control function; Smart Switch AR-888T has two types of shape US or EU, touch key with background LED indictor, elegant and technological design, moisture-proof and reliable operation life and also be installed on various place.
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