News    Jan. News: Centralized Lift Control System
2018-01-15 Jan. News: Centralized Lift Control System
  Centralized Lift Control System

SOYAL centralized lift control system composes 1 AR-721EV2 control panel, 1 RS-485 reader or controller and 1 AR-401RO16B to control a lift up to 16 floors. The control panel AR-721EV2 and AR-401RO16B can be installed in the control room or equipment room, easy for inspection and maintenance. You have a variety of reader/controller to choose from economic, to solid, LCD or fashion style.
The AR-721EV2 in this system also works for multi-door control and mailbox management (with AR-401MO). The expanded functions can fulfill your requirement of hostel/apartment/homestay management for room access control, lift control and mailbox control.

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