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Energy Saver (RF Card)
Type: AR-888W
Name: Energy Saver (RF Card)

Flush-Mounted Design gives neat installation!

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Frequency 13.56MHz
Standard ISO14443A
Reading Range 2-5cm
Power Supply 12-24VDC
Power Consumption < 5W
Communication Interface RS-485
Operating Temperature -20℃ to +60℃
User Capacity 1,024 / Unlimited(Only SOR)
Indicator 1 Frame Bi-Color LED & 3 one color LED & 1 Beeper
Lock Type US / EU
I / O 4 DI & 1 Relay Form C
3 Transistor Output (Open Collector)
Housing Material PC
Color Standard: Black with Green-Red LED By Order: Black with Blue-Red LED
Dimensions(mm) 91(L)X86(W)X35(H)
Weight(g) 100±10 (N.W.) / 200 ±10 (G.W.)

◎ Built-in perpetual calendar function
◎ Built-in one relay, 4 DI and 4 DO(1Relay Output;3Transistors Output)
◎ Up to 1,200 Transaction logs
◎ Run as a standalone controller while the host controller failure
◎ Built-in Watchdog to prevent system from hanging
◎ Perfect for energy-saving usage
◎ Coordinating with softwares for stored cash card
◎ Integration can be used to control other electrical equipment, such as air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, etc.
◎ 3 LEDs for Stand-by, Card OK and Card Error indicator
◎ 1 Beep for sound indicator
◎ Programmable by PC software
◎ Support SOR ( SOYAL Open System Rules ) instruction

CE Certificate                                                                           FCC Certificate