編    號:     S01415008-EN 日    期:   2017-09-01
問    題:   How to Use Commview to Enable/Disable RFID Reading Card Functionfor E/V5 Series Controller?
答    案:  

The command is suitable for E/V5 series controller as the list models

DisableEM 125Khz Function: Command 20 13 10

Disable Mifare 13.56Mhz Function: Command 20 13 08


After disable, the controller could not read any presenting card. 

Enableboth EM and Mifare : Command 20 13 00

Step1. Select Com Port

Step2. Select Node ID

Step3. Input the related Command

Step4. Click “Send” button to write the command to Controller.

Step5.Check Echo and test. 04 means correct echo code.