編    號:     H03317010_EN 日    期:   2017-09-08
問    題:   How to Solve the Problem" Memory Overflow" on E/V5 Controller?
答    案:  

Required/Applied Condition: 829E-V5, 727H-V5, 327H-V5, 821EF-V5, 837E, 837EF


* Problem Description:

The client got the problem as below picture shown: E/V5 Controller LCD displays“Memory Overflow”



Problem Solving:

Step1:Send command A6 FE 08 to restore the device to factory default setting by Commview

1.Select Com Port

       2. Select Node ID

3. Input the related Command

4. Click “Send” button to write the command to Controller.

5.Check Echo and test. 04 means correct echo code.

Step2:After restore, please check the F/W version.

If the F/W version is before Ver 3.08 (For example, the below picture show the version is old Ver3.04),please upgrade it immediatelyvia UDPUpdater; the client could get the new firmware on website or contact SOYAL. Because if using the old firmware, the same problem might be happened again, so the solution for solving the problem completely is to upgrade firmware after restore by commview.