編    號:     I005016-EN 日    期:   2017-09-08
問    題:   Is Soyaltag encrypted?  If theencryption is cracked, can tag be copied?  We are not aware this and something can be done so that the tag or card cannot be copied?
答    案:  

Soyal Mifare classic tag and card is encrypted; however the encryption could be cracked so the tag and card can be cloned or copied.  There are 3 ways to do anti-cloning for 13.56MHz tag/card






Anti-Cloning:  3 Choices


Choice 1: Economic Security Level - Upgrade Mifare Classic to Mifare Classic EV1 Card

Mifare card encryption could be cracked so the card can be cloned; while upgraded Mifare EV1 has increased original 4 Byte UID to 7 Byte UID therefore this significantly increased the difficulty to crack Mifare EV1 encryption.  Mifare EV1 encryption hasn’t been cracked so far.

You may upgrade the tag and card by yourself with our latest Firmware; if you think this is too time-consuming we can do it for you before the shipment with a minimum cost.

After upgrade, the card reading distance is around 3cm (±1cm).


Choice 2: Smart Security Level – Desfire Card

Desfire has built-in Mifare encryption algorithm, support same encryption function as CPU card (3DES/MAC/AES).  It is the same as CPU card when applied to access control.

The cost of Desfire card is only slightly higher than Mifare card, it is affordable and smart. 

The Desfire card reading distance is around 1cm (±0.5cm).


Choice 3: Bank Security Level - Nominated by System: CPU Card (ISO7816)

The operation system of the chip is of bank-level, it cannot only be used in bank but also can be used for access control.  When CPU card is applied in access control, it’s COS system is similar to that of Desfire.  Thus we do NOT recommend CPU card is used for access control, EXCEPT bank has available system integration. Currently CPU has limited compatibility with the user’s system, although it is said “adapt to various system integration”.

The price of CUPcard is much higher than Mifare card.

With closed application, the card reading distance is around 1cm (±0.5cm).


Soyal reader and all-in-one equipment fully support Desfire card since 2007.  Please email to inquiry if you have the requirement.