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How to Configure 20 floors Elevator with 2 Set of Button Panel in Elevator Cage?
Why it shows absence from duty on Saturday and Sunday in the daily report?
Why The User’s Monthly Report in 701Client couldn’t display “Duty Hour”
How to connect Soyal reader with AR-PB-6A,7A,8A(Wiring diagram)
How to set the door number when controllers are connected with 721E-V2?
About Date Limit on 701Client
How to Automatically Export Multi-User’s Monthly Report in Excel Format?
Why could not see Event Log while 701Server Setting is correct?
After download card data for User Add 001~199, why these cards will be expired the next day?
Suggestion & Notes About Upgrading 727H-V3 to 727H-V5
Why IP readers always show online/offline alternately and not all transaction log can be received timely?
Why IP readers show offline, but you can enter to its webpage settings?
When 321CM can’t connect successfully, the possible reasons might be?
How to know the details of SOYAL equipment in network?
Why 725H’s duress code was not able to open the door?
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