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SOYAL 701 Software Related Function


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1. Planning Access Point

2. Graphic Animation

3. Remotely Control Door Open / Close and Enable or Disable Arming Status






 1. Planning Access Point   
Definition of Area, Node ID, Sub-Node, and Door Number

In the access control system, SOYAL uses the concept of Area, Node ID, and Door Number to manage the access point of each controller installed. Area, Node ID, and Door Number are hierarchical classification of access control in term of management and maintenance of the access control system.



• Area
When managing a huge system, Area will come in handy to divide local devices per Area. Through Area function, the devices under the large access control system implementing decentralized polling system and each Area has independent threat that will increase the polling speed and minimize the delay time on receiving event log. Area setting can be set through SOYAL 701 Software with access controller in networking architecture.

SOYAL 701 Software version 10.3 and after support 16 group of Area threat (Area range from Area00-Area15), which can at the same time multiplex up to 254 Node ID per Area and the total Node ID per access control system can reach up to 4,064 Node ID.

• Node ID
Node ID or also called Station is access controller’s control code, range from 001-254 that could not be repeated between access controller in the system. Each Node ID can be renamed with Net Point Name through SOYAL 701ServerSQL software.

• Sub-Node
Access controller under Multi-Door Control Panel control code is called Sub-Node. Each Access Controller under Control Panel Sub-Node range is fixed from 01-16.

For Example:

Control Panel Node ID 1Control Panel Node ID 2

#1 unit of access controller will be set into Sub-Node 1,

#2 unit of access controller will be set into Sub-Node 2,

and so on until #16 unit of access controller will be set into Sub-Node 16

#1 unit of access controller will be set into Sub-Node 1,

#2 unit of access controller will be set into Sub-Node 2,

and so on until #16 unit of access controller will be set into Sub-Node 16

Note of how to set and connect access controller to connect with Multi-Door Control Panel: 

  1. Setting up the Sub-Node of Access Controller that has been planned to connect under Control Panel has the same way of changing access controller Node ID except the range is fixed between 01-16.
  2. Control Panel must assign which access controller Node ID is connected by ticking the Sub-Node between range between 01-16.

If in the system there is no Multi-Door Control Panel architecture, access controller’s control code can be directly set to Node ID instead.

• Door Number
Access controller or access reader installation access point is assigned with Door Number range 001-254. It is required to set each access point with different door number in order to distinguish the access location.

Comparison table between Area, Node ID, and Sub-Nodeà

   Parameter  AreaNode IDSub-node
LevelLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Srtting Method Software Only  Software or Hardware(Standalone)  Software Only 
 Can be renamed  YesYes







 2. Graphic Animation  

SOYAL 701ClientSQL built-in Graphic Animation function with Animated Symbol, which display on-site situation on the monitoring screen in a graphical manner, allowing operator to intuitively manage and control the status on the site in real time, and make corresponding feedbacks and actions.


• Door Status Monitoring
Monitor door open / close status, alarm status, remotely control door relay on / off, remote arming / disarm setting

• I/O Status Monitoring
Central monitoring on/off status of I/O devices that need to be monitored throughout the building

• Elevator Floor Button Monitoring
Remotely control elevator floor button on / off

• Mailbox Status Monitoring
Remote monitoring of mail delivery, mailbox open / close status, alarming when mailbox is not closed

• Alarm Notification
When an alarm event occurs, the graphical site plan picture will automatically pop-up and show the alarming access point to notify the management staff


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 3. Remotely Control Door Open / Close and Enable or Disable Arming Status   

The following methods is how access controller could be monitored and remotely control door open / close and enable or disable arming status

(1) 701ClientSQL Menu G. Monitoring Status or through Graphic Animation
     More Detailed introuction for 701ClientSQL Software

(2) SOYAL 721APP (Only available in Android)
     More Detail of SOYAL 721APP

(3) Enterprise Series (E Series) Access Controller HTTP Server
     More Detail of Enterprise Series HTTP Server


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