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On-Site Crowd Control Management Application

On-Site Crowd Control Management Application

Any of the SOYAL NFC, fingerprints, or face recognition access controller under control panel AR-716-E16 achieves the function of anti-sneaking to onsite property, at the same time maintain safety by limiting number of people on the ongoing construction venue such as tunnel and building.

Basic Features:

  1. Flexible to set onsite roll call schedule, without the present of computer easily check onsite number of personnel and automatically alarming when the onsite number is not listed as zero indicated onsite is cleared
  2. Manually trace abnormal and alarming event from generated TXT file, also show the list of personnel name for reference in the future.
  3. Software displays each personnel access record onsite and show personnel information such as photos and duty categories.
  4. Through LED display board installed on multiple locations, display real time number of personnel onsite and list the name. Based on the change in number, management personnel could also make a preparation accordingly.
  5. Provides a reset function to reset the space counter after abnormalities is confirmed, whether onsite has not yet being cleared. It is convenient for management personnel to reset the count of personnel onsite for each session.



Basic Devices:


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