【Application】Machinery Unit Application for Machine Activation, Consumption Usage, and Storage Security
Not a lot of customers know that Soyal product has a wide functions and usages when it comes to application. We offer three functions that Soyal access controller can achieve in machinery unit. First, AR-101H can be used to open safe storage that stored dangerous tools, AR-888W can be used to activate machine power when card is inserted and power off when card is put out, AR-888EW can be used for leased machine for offline deduction. The card will contains time where every usage will have deduction, and the amount of deduction will appear on the LCD.
【Exhibition】Soyal will attend 2019 Taipei Building Show!
Soyal will attend BUILD EXPO of 2019 Taipei Building Show to introduce Soyal products that applied for smart home application. We invite all of our honored clients to come to our booth that will be taking place at:
Venue : Taipei World Trade Center (1st Floor, Xinyi Road Sec. 5, Xinyi District, Taipei City)
Date : November 8th , 2019 (Fri) – November 11th , 2019 (Mon)
Time : 10.00 – 18.00
Software Version
701 Client Ver190821
701 Server Ver190827
SoyalToolSetup Ver190820



Name:701ClientSetup901 190821.exe
New Function:
(1)Cancel automatically save data without pressing save button
(2)-Read/Write to XXX section, default setting is Read
(3)Fixing bug of double click invalid user on event log


【New Website】Soyal New Website is Officially Launched!
For the new website, we offer customer with online shopping experience and new web design. We encouraged customer to create new account on our new website to access pricelist, software, and firmware. With new website, we will annually post announcements, special prices and discounts, events, and some useful information.
【Application】Smart Mailbox Management System

Soyal software 701Client is now support Mailbox Management System. When a package or letter is delivered to household’s mailbox, the infrared I/O module will detects the letter and immediately transmit message back to the management PC. Through mailbox graphic control, manager will know which resident receive the package and through third party integrated system. The graphic control will also show mailbox close or mailbox open status, and if resident forget to close it, manager can assist by closing the door. Because every resident will be given different tag to open their own mailbox, resident can swipe card into the controller and controller will open their own mailbox.

【Upgrade】Push Button with No Power Supply Upgrade Information
Power-less metal push button has been upgraded to AR-PB5 series with full stainless steel, slim, and thin design. It offer easier installation on site and customization for the panel according to client’s requirement. The following is an upgrade for AR-PB-1A/2A/3A to AR-PB5 listed below:
AR-PB-1A upgrade into AR-PB5-41/108
AR-PB-2A upgrade into AR-PB5-68/108
AR-PB-3A upgrade into AR-PB5-86/086
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