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NumberQuestion titleRelease dateSee more
S00305055-ENHow to synchronize the card format on the LCD screen of controller and the record on 701ClientSQL?2022-12-09 See more
I005035-ENModel Identification Method for SOYAL Card Readers, How to Determine Card Reading Frequencies of Card Readers?2023-08-30 See more
I005034-ENHow to modify the access PIN of SOYAL H/E series controllers?2022-12-26 See more
H03217004-ENHow to Use the Timed Alarm Function in the Enterprise Edition (E Series) for Shift Change Reminders2021-01-12 See more
H03217007-ENModify custom settings for controllers' LCD shift codes and monthly report shift codes.2021-01-12 See more
H01617001-ENControllers connect with AR-716-E, the difference in enabling the "Enable Swipe any tags to release door open" feature?2020-12-25 See more
H03217015-ENE-series Controller Application: Locks card for personnel in/out on consecutive access code errors beyond limit.2021-05-18 See more
I005031-ENHow to set the E Series card reader to Wiegand output mode?2022-10-25 See more
H02607001-ENHow to setup biometric controller of AR-837EF/AR-837EA as weigand reader and enable Anti-Pass back function?2022-11-08 See more
H03717002-ENHow to set the operating time of door relay for the WG reader connected to the Multi-door Controller AR716-E16?2021-01-19 See more
H01611001-ENConfigure Antipass-back of Onboard wiegand ports Multi-door Network Controller (AR-716-E18)2020-12-25 See more
H01601001-ENHow to set the door opening time for the WG Port corresponding to the relay in the multi-door controller (AR-716-E18)?2020-12-25 See more
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