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NumberQuestion titleRelease dateSee more
S00315084-ENTime Attendance Data Complete Parameter Setting Example, Time Attendance Common Functions/Related FAQs2023-12-13 See more
S00311012-ENHow to set up the basic configuration of Time Attendance of 701ClientSQL, including instruction of Day Shift.2023-11-16 See more
S00303025-ENThe introduction of flexible working hours of time attendance. How to modify late status that had been recorded?2023-10-12 See more
S00315082-ENHow to setup the access mode as card plus pin on main controller and card only on weigand reader?2022-11-25 See more
S00305054-ENWhy it shows “M59 Card Inhibited” in 701ClientSQL after card presentation?2022-11-24 See more
S00305053-ENHow to solve the issue that “Communication error while downloaded” dialogue shown up when downloading cards?2022-11-23 See more
S00201031-ENHow to deal with the dialogue of [RUN Server program first, please (0x01)] while opening 701ServerSQL &701ClientSQL?2022-11-11 See more
S00305052-ENHow to use “import/export to text file” function to edit card efficiently through text file or excel?2022-11-10 See more
S00305051-ENWhy it shows “begin date failed” when I update the card information in 701ClientSQL?2022-09-30 See more
S00315081Why it shows “Download User alias failed, please update f/w to 3.4 or later!” in 701ClientSQL?2022-09-29 See more
S00306009-ENHow to Restrict Personnel Access Time Zone ? How to Edit Time Zone of SOYAL Controller?2022-09-27 See more
I005029-ENHow to undertake the case that had been encrypted by SOR?2022-09-08 See more
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