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What is difference between 727CM Server mode and Client mode?
No. H01117008-EN

Serial NO. : H01117008-EN

Date of Editing : 2011-08-30

Questions :   What is difference between 727CM Server mode and Client mode?

Problem Solving :

When you take 727CM and install them as remote using, you have to decide the Server mode and Client mode for 727CM first. 727CM Server mode are used for data transfer. It could transfer interface RS-485 or RS-232 to networking interface. 727CM Client Mode is used to connect to another 727CM as Server mode and then transfer data with 727CM as Server mode each other.

There are two situations which will need Sever and Client structure:


  1. When you want to make the data transfer distance longer, you could set remote using mode and make transfer interface as Ethernet.  
  2. When you want to set communication mode as one site (Server) to receive data from multi-site (Client).


Furthermore, the massage or data will transfer to Server site from Client site when you set connection between Server site and Client site. Server site receive message from Client site and then response for the message.

That’s why you have to make sure transmit site and receive site before you set connection. Please set transmit site as Client mode and set receive site as Server mode.      

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