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How to update the firmware for 727CM V2?
No. H01117009-EN

Serial NO. : H01117009-EN

Date of Editing : 2011-07-07

Questions :   How to update the firmware for 727CM V2?

Problem Solving :

1. If it is metal housing, please make sure it is V2 version first.

Serial number after 13579196 is V2 version

For example, serial no. 135710023 is after 13579196. So 135710023 is V2 version


2. Please visit and sign in.

Download > ISP firmware > download “AR-727i 3v07”

Download > Software > download “Soyal Device Tools”


3. Please install Soyal Device Tools and then execute UdpUpdater.exe

  1. If 727CM V2 is default IP, Target IP please input If 727CM V2 has using IP, the Target IP input using IP and Port: 1604
  2. Click “Load File” to search “AR727iV2_3v07.UIF”
  3. Click “Update Device” to update firmware
  4. It will show “Program Completed” when you update successfully.

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