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After download card data for User Add 001~199, why these cards will be expired the next day?
No. S00301002-EN

Serial NO.: S00301002-EN

Date of Editing: 2016-04-13


• Required/Applied Condition: 701Client

• Function:  Date Limits

• Problem Description:
Whether Tick or Untick “Date Limit” Option while downloading User Card Data to E Controller, why the card could be used for one day and will be expired in the next day.

• Problem Solving:
The function of Date Limits is only available for E Series Controller and H Series Controller is not available for the function. Hereby, the problem is only likely to appear in E Series Controller.
Available Models:
1. Only Support" End Date": 716E
2. Support " Start Date ~ End Date": AR-837E/EF, 821EFV9/V5, 881EF, 829EV3/V5, 725EV2, 727HV5, 327HV5,721EV1/V2
** H Series Controller is not available for "Date Limits" Function

The reason caused the problem is that the client tick” Limit Card Edit Range [1~199]” option,
The option is used for visitor System. When there are visitor coming, Guard will provide one Guest Card to Visitor, the Validity of Visitor Card is only to be limited for a day.
Once the option” Limit Card Edit Range [1~199]” is ticked, the function of Date Limits for E Controller will be automatically active to limit the card is valid for only one day.
After untick the option “ Limit Card Edit Range [1~199]” , the problem will be solved.

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