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After download card data for User Add 001~199, why these cards will be expired the next day?
No. S00301002-EN

Serial NO.: S00301002-EN

Date of Editing: 2016-04-13


• Requirement/Application Condition: 701Client Software

• Function: Date Limitations

• Problem Description:
Regardless of whether the "Date Limit" option is selected or not during the download of user card data to the E Series Controller, the card can only be used for one day and will expire on the following day.

• Problem Solution:
The Date Limitations function is only available for the E Series Controller, and is not available for the H Series Controller. Therefore, this problem is only likely to occur with the E Series Controller.
Available Models:
1. Supports only "End Date": 716E
2. Supports "Start Date ~ End Date": AR-837E/EF, 821EFV9/V5, 881EF, 829EV3/V5, 725EV2, 727HV5, 327HV5, 721EV1/V2
**The "Date Limitations" function is not available for the H Series Controller.

TThe cause of the problem is that the client has selected the "Limit Card Edit Range [1~199]" option,
This option is used for visitor management, where a temporary guest card is provided for visitors. The validity of this card is only for a single day.
Once the "Limit Card Edit Range [1~199]" option is selected, the Date Limitations function for the E Series Controller will be automatically activated to limit the validity of the card to a single day.
To solve the problem, deselect the "Limit Card Edit Range [1~199]" option and click "Confirm."

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