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Controller is online in 701ServerSQL, but 701ClientSQL has no transaction log?
No. S00302001-EN

Serial NO.:  S00302001-EN

Date of Editing: 2009-10-19


The situation is the controller online, but it didn’t send message to the 701client while presenting card.

Please ensure the converter signal and controller online status in 701ServerSQL, converter signal introduction please refer to the FAQ below:

FAQ - USB to RS-485 Converter AR-321-CM Signal and the Solution of Abnormal Connection

1. Hardware: 

1-1 H Series Controller / Controller without LCD Screen

Check the Controller Mode, only M4/M8 Mode is available to connect with software. M6 is standalone mode, cannot connect with software.

(Controller Mode can be checked by entering program mode, 4/6/8 beeps sound represent M4/M6/M8 Mode.)


1-2 E Series Controller

LCD Controller is available to confirm event log storage, please follow the steps below:


Step1. Enter program mode -> 5. Tools -> 7. Information -> check the messages -> exit program mode


Step2. Present card (create event log)


Step3. Follow step1 to check the message number is increased or not, it means controller can normally save the event log when the number has increased, please follow the software solution below.

2. Software: 

2-1. [Enable Event Polling] has ticked up.

2-2. The parameters (Node ID / controller type / IP Address / Port) is correct in [LAN]

Different controller types please refer to -> 701ServerSQL LANbased Table

2-3. [I-Report Option] isn’t ticked up any option.

2-4. Update the time to Controller by pressing [Clock] in F-Download Data

2-5. The .msg file is saved in the path of 701ServerSQL folder.

(ex: C:\Program Files\701Server)

2-6. Delete or storage .msg file not required in other folder

2-7. The transaction record is the date of the day

2-8. Controller needs to update the messages follow the sequence, when the Controller has lots of event logs, please be patient to data uploading.

(This situation will happen while the controller is in standalone mode for a long time.)


2-9. Please exclude the restriction of 701ServerSQL/701ClientSQL in Firewall or Defenders, here is the example of Windows Defender:

Step1. Search “Windows Defender Firewall” in Windows Setting

Step2. Select “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall”

Step3. Select “Change settings”

Step4. Select “Allow another app” in the bottom

Step5. Select “Browse”

Step6. Select McuServer.exe and client.exe both

Step7. Confirm the software is already been excluded



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