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Why message says Global Access on 701Client when flashing card on AR-721H?
No. S00304001-EN

Serial NO.: S00304001-EN

Date of Editing: 2009-10-19


As we designed the function for reader to accept all cards, particularly applied in a lobby of a building, the security can give a card to any visitors without troubling himself to add a new card to the system.

As a result, the function might be accidentally enabled without notice. To disable the function, please press "0" + "#" at the same time for a couple of seconds after access to Program Mode. Some beep sound will come along as well.
Meanwhile please kindly note that the result will come different when connecting with or without to a multi-door controller AR-716E after enabling the function.
Connecting to AR-716E --- shows "Global Access" under the column of Name no matter what card flashes to reader.
Without AR-716E --- shows "1023" under the column of Num no matter what card flashes to reader.

***to disable the function, press "0" + "#" again after access to Program Mode***


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