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How to set up【Anti-pass back】function on AR-721HV3 and AR-727HV3 ?
No. S00305001-EN

Serial NO.: S00305001-EN

Date of Editing: 2009-10-19


You need to set up the card , AR-721H and AR-727H at the same time, instruction is described as below:
1)    Enable【Anti-pass back】function at User card edit

2)    Enable【Anti-pass back】function at AR-721HV3
Depends on installation place, you need to set up entry door or exit door on each controller. After enter edit mode, type command “20*208#”which is to enable 【Anti-pass back】function as entry door. Please see the following table for information.

Entry door: 208={(0*1)+(0*2)+(0*4)+(1*16)+(0*32)+(1*64)+(1*128)}
Function description: Time attendance/ Door Exit Release/ Entry door/ Anti-pass back

Out door: 144={(0*1)+(0*2)+(0*4)+(1*16)+(0*32)+(0*64)+(1*128)}
Function description: Time attendance/ Door Exit Release/ Exit door/ Anti-pass back

3)    Enable【Anti-pass back】function at AR-727HV3
After enter edit mode, select 4. Parameter(2) >> > 7. Anti-pass back >>>
1. Enable >>> 2. Out Door

You can see the transaction log at 701Client. If you present the card on the same controller two times, “ Anti-pass back error ”message will display at Status column.

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