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The wire connection between elevator and AR-401-IO-0016R
No. H01917003-EN

Serial NO. : H01917003-EN

Date of Editing : 2011-07-19

Questions :  The wire connection between elevator and AR-401-IO-0016R

Problem Solving :

The basic elevator concepts


Before install AR-401-IO-0016R, the elevator buttons are connected to control panel directly. The diagram as below:

After install AR-401-IO-0016R, the elevator button output diagram as below:

Let’s see the real picture as below:

Question: The way to connect wire when elevator button is not individual output connection (such as output wire is 1 or 2 COM wires)

Answer: The output of elevator button is usually COM output. If every button is COM output, you can connect to AR-401RO cable all together, no matter how many wires.

For example, connect AR-401-IO-0016R with bolt lock by one COM wire,


Set card user only can access second floor. The command is “27*00001*02#”. After setting, only RO2 has COM output when card user flashes the card. So connect RO2 and COM wire of bolt lock, the bolt lock will act when connect to RO2 but the other RO.


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