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How to Quickly Delete User Cards Data?
No. S00305036-EN

Serial NO.: S00305036-EN

Date of Editing: 2017-06-09


Method1 Delete Lots of User Data by selecting User Range.
Step 1~4. Execute 701Client →8 User Card → Select 1st User num to Click “ ”; Click “Yes” to delete the start User Address you want to delete. We select User0 as example.

  Step 5~6. Select “ToolBox”→”Card Copy”
   Step7. Select Start User Addr ~ End User Addr, we input User0~50 as example;
Step8. Tick all options for copy.
   Step9. Click Yes. Then the selected Users 1~50 will be copied the data of User0;
Since the data of User0 has been deleted, other User1~50 copied the data of User0 have been deleted as well in one time operation.

Method2 – Delete All Users Data
1.    Close 701Client and go to the default software Installation Path C:\Program Files (x86)\701Client, find the fil【Default.usr】to delete.
2.    After delete the file and restart 701client, all user cards data have been deleted.

File Meanings:
Default.usr : User Cards    Default.acc:  Operation
Default.grp:  Door Group   Default.sly:   Salary
Default.zon:  Time Zone   Default.dor:  Door Name
Default.hol:  Holiday Setting   Default.wrk:  Duty Setting

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