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Why the dialogue of "Same UID with XX" pop-up on 701Client? Why it shows invalid card but I had already added the card?
No. S0035037-EN

Serial NO. : S0035037-EN

Date of Editing : 2023-02-07

Questions :  Why the dialogue of "Same UID with XX" pop-up on 701Client? Why it shows invalid card but I had already added the card? 

Content  :

Question1. Why the dialogue of "Same UID with XX" pop-up on 701Client when pressing “Save” button?


The dialogue of “Same UID with N” means there have more than two user addresses had been added with same card number simultaneously.

701ClientSQL after version 10 will show where the duplicated card is, as above picture, “Same UID with 4” means the user card that you are editing has duplicated to user address 4. It is required to do card clearance to exclude the error.

Step1. Select the specified user address, we could find that card number is duplicated.

It is available to check duplicated condition of card data via the function of “Check Duplicated Data”.

The system will automatically display all duplicated cards after confirming.

Step2. Press the clearance button

Step3. Select “YES” to delete all data of this user

Step4. Input the user data again without same card number.

*Please remind that access mode will be reset as “Invalid”, requiring to set up again!

Question2. Why the controller still display “Invalid card” after adding the card correctly?

Reason1. The card number is already existing.

Controller will reject to add card via card presenting when the card number had already existed in the memory of controller.

It is required to confirm that the procedure of valid card adding is correct, after inputting relevant command of adding card, controller will make a beep sound and flash LED with green light once while the command is correct, please refer to following video:















Reason2. Card codes are duplicated.

It is possible to update duplicated card number to controller via 701ClientSQL, hence 701ClientSQL is capable with the function of updating single card. Therefore, while the user address with smaller number had been set as “Invalid” but you add a card with “Valid” in a greater user address, the controller will follow the smaller user.

Ex. User 00100 and 00105 had been set duplicated card number, user 00100 is invalid and user 00105 is valid, in this example, controller will consider that the card is invalid according to user 00100, causing the operator had added card correctly but controller display invalid in actually.

(This situation is more possible to occur when the operator adding card both via presetting card and card editing on 701ClientSQL.)


1. Check duplicated card by 701ClientSQL
The solving function is same to Question1, please refer to Question1 directly.

2. Reissue the cards
If the cards had been issued with a little number, it also available to reset your controller and reissue cards.

FAQ: How to reset parameter setting and user data of Soyal H/E series controller?

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