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Why the daily transactions report received two same messages in 701Client?
No. S00310008-EN

Serial NO.: S00310008-EN

Date of Editing: 2016-11-28


One of Client got the problem that when every time the User present their card or use their fingerprint for Access, the daily transactions report in 701Client will display two full same messages
As the below pictures shown, the two messages display full same time and same information.

Problem Solving:
The problem is caused that due to the client tick the function “BackUp Message File [*msg] to Second Folder”, but they didn’t assign a folder to save the copied messages.
So there are no folder to save the copied messages, both original message and copied message
will be saved to the same default path C:\Program Files (x86)\701Server,  therefore, there will display two full same messages in 701Client.
The Solution is that if you would enable “Backup Message to Second Folder” function, you also need to assign a second folder to save the copied message; or you can disable the function by unticking “Backup Message to Second Folder” , Then 701client will recover to display only a message.

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