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How to modify the late status in daily report after modifying the flex time of attendance group?
No. S00311004-EN

Serial NO.: S00311004-EN

Date of Editing: 2012-05-22



When using 701ClientSQL software at the first time, the corporate might didn’t pre-define the flexible work time, therefore, if the corporate decide to setup the flexible work time for the staff, and required to modify the daily report of past month, please refer to the steps below to complete the modification.


Card Data Edit - Attendance Group:

Attendance Group - Flex time:

Operating Procedures:


STEP1. As the graphic below, the staff is late on 2022/12/8, the original srtting is –


Attendance Group : Duty_00 

Duty time : 10:00

Flex time : 00:00

STEP2. Confirm the duty group of the personnel

STEP3. Modify the flex time

(1) Select C-Attendance Edit

(2) Select the group, set the flex time as 1hr

(3) Save

STEP4. Restart the 701ClientSQL software after saving the attendance parameters.

*It is required to restart the 701ClientSQL for updating system parameter, or the late status will not be modified correctly.


STEP5. Open the daily report that required to modify

STEP6. Press the reflash button

STEP7. The duty status will be modified after reflashing

STEP8. Press “<<” button could open the last report efficiently

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