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If I change the flex time, how to revise the former attendance report?
No. S00311004-EN

Serial NO.: S00311004-EN

Date of Editing: 2012-05-22


For example: There is a company which has no flex time for the original schedule, but they want to give their employee 30 minutes flex time now. How to revise the former attendance reports if some employees are already list to be late to office?  

1. The flex time is 00:00 and on duty time is 09:00 for the original time attendance

2. The employee Tim was late to office for 17 minutes on 2010/12/08 daily report. 

3. Please click Work  to set flex time and then click “save”

4. Please cut the revise file from C:\Program Files\701Server: and paste on the desktop

5. Please execute 701Server and then click setting and then select “Message import” to import the file 20101208.msg again.

6. After import message, the daily report will be normal.

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