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If the Duty report shows very strange duty on and duty off time, how can I solve this problem?
No. S00311006-EN

Serial NO.: S00311006-EN

Date of Editing: 2012-11-09


When I click duty to check each person’s report, I get the strange duty on and off time. Please see below picture, how can I solve this problem?

The reason is the user set the duty start time as 8:30. When employees come to office earlier than 8:30, the system will take the first event after 8:30 to be the duty on time. 

Please set the “Duty Start Time” as 1:00~2:00 and it won’t affect the real duty time.
After revise the duty start time, please import the message file again as below, and the report will back to normal.

After import message, please click the duty report again to check if the report back to normal.

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