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When Using Controller without LCD Screen Type for Time Attendance, why did the daily Report not shown [Duty Off ] Time?
No. S00311007-EN

Serial NO.: S00311007-EN

Date of Editing: 2016-05-25


Some clients report that they used Controller without LCD Screen type for Time Attendance, the daily transactions is correct for Duty On and Duty Off, but the daily report could not show “Duty Off” Time.

►   Problem Solving:
The reason caused the problem is that Time Attendance Setting on 701Server select Time Attendance Based on “Depend on[ Duty Function Key]” ; however, the controller series without LCD Screen don’t have “ Duty Function Key” to select Duty On or Duty Off , so Time Attendance Setting should not select Based on “Depend on[ Duty Function Key]”.

The Solution is to change Time Attendance Based on Work Time [First and Last Records].

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