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Why the system crash while downloading User Alias?
No. S00315016-EN

Serial NO :S00315016-EN

Date of Editing : 2015-07-01

Problem Description:

The system crashes while downloading User Alias.

Problem Solving :

The hardware supports 8 letters in Chinese and 16 letters in English. However, this Alias download problem happens while Alias sets up over allowable length 7 letters in Chinese or 15 letters in English in the software. It is suggested to set up Alias 6 letters in Chinese and 12 letters in English because this is the length supported to be displayed on LCD screen.


Please kindly follow steps below to export user card data to check if there is any Alias’ length is over 15 letters in English.

Step 1: Set up the user card range to export card data

Click “Tools”> Select “Import/Export Format of Card” >Input user card range> Click “OK”

Note: Please make sure the export and import format is the same, or data could not transfer correctly to the right column.

Step 2: Export Card Data

  1. Click “8. User Cards Data”
  2. Select “Tools box”, and click “Export to Text File”

  1. Check Alias in txt file as below:

Step 3: Export Card Data

a. Click “8. User Cards Data”

b. Select “Tools box”, and click “Import from Text File”

c. Go to F. Download and click “Alias/ Start Date”

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