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Why could not see Event Log while 701Server Setting is correct?
No. S00315019-EN

Serial NO :S00315019-EN

Date of Editing : 2016-04-12

Questions : Why could not see Event Log while 701Server Setting is correct?

Problem Solving :

There are 7 kinds of possible situation caused the problem

1. Check if the option of “Enable Event Polling” have not be ticked.

2. Check if forget to Sync Controller Clock.

   Click “Clock “Button to Sync Clock between online Controller and Computer

  1. Check if the sorting option has been ticked.

           If you want to see all messages, please untick these sorting options

  1. Check if the Path stored message file has been changed to other Path

           Please modify to default Path:

  1. Check if you are opening the correct file name for that day you want to view

          Click icon “3 Daily Transaction Record” to choose different message file

  1. Check if there are many day message not to be received ;

          If so, the software will take several minutes to receive the previous message.

          Please wait a little time, the daily message will be seen after finishing to receive the history message.

          Click icon “3 Daily Transaction Record” to sort by Date modified, you can know the software is currently

          receiving the message for which date.

  1. Check If Anti-Virus software has block message file.

Please modify your Anti-Virus Software setting to exclude 701Server/Client from monitoring Suspicious Object

For Example:  Avast Software Setting add 701Server/Client to Exclusions List as below:

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