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There is a 15-storey mixed-type residential building. How to set the software for floor control at a specified time?
No. S01101001-EN

Serial NO : S01101001-EN

Date of Editing :  2011-08-30

Questions :  There is a 15 floors building. 1F~5F are for office using, 6F~15F are personal apartments. How to use [lift control] software to set that people can access 1F~5F without flashing card at 7:00am~20:00pm on weekday? Above 6F, people have to flash card to access specific floor. After 20:00pm and holiday all day, the whole building is under control. People have to flash card to access.

Problem Solving :

  1. This function is only for 725H with special firmware or 716E +725H with special firmware
  2. Please turn off the 701Server and then execute Lift Control. Make sure the COM port is not occupied, and then select COM port. 
  3. To set node id for controller ( lift controller)
  4. To set the index and access time (07:00 ~ 20:00)
  5. To set the access day (Monday ~ Friday)
  6. To select the access floors (1F ~ 5F)
  7. Please click write button to write into controller
  8. Finally, please click Set button to enable the function.
  9. If it is new controller installation, please remember to synchronize the time for controller and PC first.

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