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Why the new controllers keep flashing red light when power on?
No. H00117013-EN

Serial NO. : H00117013-EN

Date of Editing : 2015-07-08

Questions :  Why the new controllers keep flashing red light when power on?.

Problem Solving :

  • Problem Description:

The default mode for new controller is arming mode. If you don’t connect door contact with controller, it cannot detect the door status and it will keep flashing red light.

  • Problem Solving:

The best way is to update the latest firmware and the default setting will not be in arming mode even after resetting the device. Or here are two methods to solve this problem either via hardware or via software:

  1. Hardware

(1) Connect the orange wire (door contact) with black wire (negative), which make the controller treat the door status as normal and it won’t flash red light again.

(2) Enter programming mode by pressing *123456# (default master code) and then press *# to exit the programming mode to cancel arming mode.

Note: After resetting the device, the default setting is still in arming mode.

  1. Software
  1. To disable the arming mode by 701Client:

  1. To disable arming mode by protocol commands:

     <A> Run the software CommView(included in SOYAL Device Tools):

         Turn off 701 Software first and then run the software CommView.

Please follow the steps below to disable arming mode:

         Step1: Input Node ID (Input 255 for all online readers)

         Step2: Input 21 81(If the controller is under 716E, please input: 23 03 01 21 8)

         Step3: Click “Send”


     <B> Using Self-developed software with commands:

            7E 05 01 21 81 5E 01                   Disable arming mode

            7E 05 01 21 80 5F 01                 Enable arming mode


             If connecting with 716E, please give command:

             7E 08 01 23 03 01 21 81 7F 49    Disable arming mode

             7E 08 01 23 03 01 21 80 7E 47    Enable arming mode

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