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Fingerprint Enroll Toll Operation Guidance
No. S01201001-EN

Serial NO : S01201001-EN

Date of Editing :  2012-02-21

Questions : Fingerprint Enroll Toll Operation Guidance

Problem Solving:


Connect Fingerprint reader AR-881EF-9000/AR-821EF-V5 to PC through USB /RS232 Converter

Firmware Support:  “APS881EV___V0204” After

                                   “APS821Ev5__V0204” After

Software Support:  “SoyalDeviceTools” release after Feb.21th.2012


Execution Software “EnrollTool”

  1. Select right COM Port
  2. Select Node ID of the device.
  3. Input "User Range".
  4. Select enrolled user Fingers number ( 1FP or 2FP per User)
  5. Select “Save Path” in which will save fingerprint data
  6. Click “Enroll”, follow pop-up picture and Status bar to enroll FP as below:

          Connect to Controller--->Put 1st finger 1st time to Finger sensor---> remove finger--->

          Put 1st finger 2nd time---> remove finger--->Put 2nd finger 1st time--->remove finger--->

          Put 2nd finger 1st time ---> Save FP data to File---> Registration Completed

Transfer fingerprint format V9 -> V5

7. Click "SIF---> FP5 " ,select old AR-821EF V9 FP file format. SIF , the system will automatically generate new single FP file format. FP5 into 701Server folder.FP5 into 701Server folder.


Deleting fingerprint database on the device

8. Click"Delete All" , all Fingerprint data from device will be deleted completely

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