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How to set a master card for AR-323D?
No. S01001002-EN

Serial NO : S01001002-EN

Date of Editing :  2012-12-13

Questions : How to set a master card for AR-323D?

Problem Solving :


If your 323D is installed as standalone, you need to order 321DAX1 and converter to connect the 323D with PC. You need to connect 323D with PC and then you can set master card by 323DMaster software.

Please follow the steps as below:


  1. Please turn off 701Server and 701Client.
  2. Connect AR-323D with PC, please refer to the wiring diagram as below:

  1. Execute 323DMaster software (Please refer to below picture)

a. Select the COM port

b. Input the Node ID

c. Click “Read”

d. Input the card number that you want to set to be master card

e. Click “Write” to write the parameter into 323D.


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