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The conversion of WG format and ABA10 digit format ?
No. I005010-EN

Serial NO. : I005010-EN

Date of Editing : 2012-09-12

Questions :  The conversion of WG format and ABA10 digit format?

Problem Solving :

SOYAL EM card (EM4001) is printed with two format card number on the front cover as below

One format is WG and another format is ABA10

WG format:  it is composed with two set of 5-digital, the left 5 digital is Site code, the right digital is Card code

ABA10 format: it is composed with one set of 10-digital

The two format can be convert each other via the formula.

1. WG convert into ABA10

SitecodeX65536+Cardcode=ABA format

For instance : (12 * 65536) + 62363= 848795

Because ABA10 is 10 digital, so the shortage digit need to be full with 4 digital “0”, the result of ABA10 is 0000848795

2. ABA10 convert into WG

Step1 Sitecode =(ABA10 value) ÷65536 =XXXXX.XXXX ( Quotient. Remainder) ,  take Quotient as Sitecode

           For instance: 848795÷65536=12.9515, Quotient 12 as Sitecode 00012

Step2 Cardcode=(ABA10 value) -(quotient)*65536

      For instance: 848795-12*65536=62363

So the result as WG format is 00012:62363

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