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If 701Server/Client could not display correct Font & Character on Windows 10 System, how to change Win System’s language
No. I005015-EN

Serial NO. : I005015-EN

Date of Editing : 2016-06-24

Questions :  The conversion of WG format and ABA10 digit format?

Problem Solving :

1.Find out Win’s Control Panel ----> Select “Add a language” on Setting of Clock/Language/Region.

2.Click “Add a language”

3.Find out Language you would add,  we select “Spanish” for example.

   Twice Click “Spanish” icon

4.Add “ Spanish (Colombia)” as example

5.Select “ Spanish (Colombia)” and Click “Move up”

6.Move “ Spanish (Colombia)” on the Top

7.Click “Options”

8.Click “Download and install language pack”

9.The updates are being downloaded , the process need to take several minutes

10.The updates are being installed , the process need to take several minutes

11.Spanish Language Pack is completely installed

12.Window display language will be enable on next Sing-in

13.After Restart, check all language has been changed to Spanish

***Win10 How to Remove Language:
14.Select “Spanish (Colombia)” and click “Move Down”

十五、Spanish (Colombia) will be moved down, and then Click “Remove”

16.Spanish (Colombia) has been removed ; After Restart, the system language will be      changed back to English

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