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AR-401RO16B lift controller troubleshooting
No. T001001-EN

Serial NO : T001001

Date of Editing :2010-11-16

Questions : AR-401RO16B lift controller troubleshooting

Problem Solving :

3. Affix


  1. Dip Switch 1~8

Dip switch 1~4: For Node ID setting

Dip switch 5~6: For BAUD rate setting      

           SW_5_ON, SW_6_OFF => BAUD 4800 (Only for lift control)

           SW_5_OFF, SW_6_OFF => BAUD 9600

           SW_5_OFF, SW_6_ON => BAUD 19200

Dip Switch 8: To set NO/NC type

      SW_8_ON => NC type

      SW_8_OFF => NO type  


  1. How to select model and Node for controller during lift control edit?

When connect to 716E:

Please select AR-716E: 001~254 for Controller model

Reader selection:

Before AR-721/727H V3 version, please select left option

After AR-721/727HV3 version, please select middle option

AR-725H, please select right option.


     When connect controller with PC directly:

     Controller model please select: 829E/727H/725E/721H

     Reader selection: without 716E, you don’t have to care this option.

  Node setting: This node setting is for the controller in the lift, not 401RO16B

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