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701Server support Read and Write IP Based E Series Controller's parameter setting
No. S00206015-EN

Serial NO.: S00206015-EN

Date of Editing: 2020-04-14


• Required/Applied Condition:
Software: 701 Server version ‘701ServerSetup902 200115.exe’ and after
IP based E series controller

& IP based multi-door control panel AR-716-E16

• Function:
1.    Back-up controller’s parameter setting
By read parameter setting saved on controller’s to be backed up to PC. This features will be handy for back-up purpose if you accidentally factory reset the controller and lost all of the parameter setting, you can still revive it without redo the setting.
2.    Save default setting and copy to multiple controller’s
Create one default parameter setting for one controller and save it (copy), then write it (paste) to other controllers with the same setting. That way, you do not need to do the same process for many controllers with same setting

•  Problem Description:
The new added features of 701Server and Client to be able to save parameter setting on controller to PC and to write it back to controller from PC.

•  Problem Solving:
Before starting, please make sure your controllers are online by checking the LINE menu bar and see the controllers are flashing green light indicated controllers are online.

Youtube video on how to make your controller’s online:

Function 1. Back-up controller’s parameter setting

Step 1. Select [881EF/V_725Ev2 Parameters]

Step 2. Select node ID of your controller that you want to do the parameter setting back-up

Step 3. Select [Read From] to read the saved parameter setting on controller

Step 4.
- You need to click ‘Free Zone’, ‘Alarm Schedule’, ‘Duty Shift’ and ‘721Ev2’(available for multi-door controller AR-716-E16 only) button first in order to activate and enable [Write File] function
-You can also edit parameter setting that you want on 701Server before save and back-up the parameter setting (refer to step 4-1 until 4-5)


4-1 Basic Parameter Setting (Parameter setting on the main menu)

4-2 [Free Zone] Parameter Setting

4-3 [Duty Shift] Parameter Setting

4-4 [Alarm Schedule] Parameter Setting

4-5 [721E-V2] parameter setting for connected controller and WG (only for AR-716-E16)

Step 5. Select [Write File] to save the parameter to PC

Step 6. Select path folder that you prefer to save the parameter setting

Step 7. Rename the parameter setting and remove the [*] symbol on the file name

Step 8. Click [save] and your parameter setting is backed up

Function 2. Save default setting and copy to multiple controllers
Continuing the saved parameter setting on function 1, for example I have next controller that I want to have the same parameter setting with controller node ID one (Entrance)

Step 1. Select [881EF/V_725Ev2 Parameters]

Step 2. Select node ID of your new controller that you wish to paste the existed parameter setting

Step 3. Select [Read From] to read current parameter setting of controller

Step 4. Select [Read File] to read the saved parameter setting

Step 5. Select path folder that you prefer to read the parameter setting

Step 6. Select the parameter setting’s file

Step 7. Click [open] and your parameter setting will be loaded on 701Server

Picture above is after loading (Read File) of saved parameter setting.
You will notice that the parameter setting is difference than the default one.
Before you directly write and save the parameter, please change:

Step 8. Input ‘New Node ID’, ‘Door Nr.’ And Door Nr [WG]’ to differentiate one controller with another. This is because both three setting included on parameter setting BUT each unit controller must have different node ID, door no. and WG door no. this step does not applicable for AR-716-E16 as AR-716-E16 node ID is set up by DIPSWITCH and does not have RFID function on it so door no. and WG door no. does not exist.

Step 9. Select [Write To] to save the new parameter setting


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