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One Time PIN for AR-725-HD or AR-331-HD
No. H0071706-EN

Serial NO. : H0071706-EN

Date of Editing : 2019-11-01

Questions :  One Time PIN for AR-725-HD or AR-331-HD

Problem Solving :

  • Required/Applied Condition:
  1. Customized firmware version 725HD_7V3 191016 FIRST_PIN_ONLY 1_2000.ISP
  2. Firmware above can support both model no. AR-725HD and AR-331HD
  • Function:
  1. User no. 1~2000 set up password (4 digit) will only valid after enter it one time on AR-725HD/331HD

After password is entered on controller, next access will be using card. User in this range is for tenant.

  1. User no. 2001~3000 set up password will valid without limit. User in this range is assigned for owner or authorized personnel only
  • Problem Description:

This requirement is suitable for rental housing, AIRBNB, or apartment building.

Inside the room will be installed power safe energy AR-888WD card holder that will be equipped with access card. First time entering the room via access by PIN, the next access will be access by card using the card on AR-888WD card holder (already saved and download to controller beforehand). That way, once the tenant checked out, they can leave the card again on AR-888WD card holder or anywhere inside the room and the next tenant will enter different PIN, also one time PIN.

  • Problem Solving:

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Set up PIN 888 for user ID 3, once enter the PIN the event log will show [Access by PIN] but when you enter again the same PIN, it will show [Keyin the invalid card number] (PIN) means the one time PIN is invalid, that way you can swipe valid card for access and the event log will show [Normal Access]

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