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How to Set up Tamper Switch Output?
No. H00106006-EN

Serial NO. : H00106006-EN

Date of Editing : 2011-11-03

Questions :  How to Set up Tamper Switch Output?

Problem Solving :

All Soyal controller is built-in tamper switch as below picture shown, if you connect one alarm output, once the controller is removed illegally by someone from the wall , the tamper switch will bounce that mean its status will be switched from NO side to NC side, the loop with Door Sensor will keep open that like the door is force open , so the alarm will be active  Note: tamper switch pressed mean the connector is stand-by at NO status,  tamper switch bounce mean the connector will switched to NC status


Firstly, Find the right connector for Tamper Switch

The wiring how to connect tamper switch to alarm output via Door Sensor as below:


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