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How to set up alarm output ?
No. H00106007-EN

Serial NO. : H00106007-EN

Date of Editing : 2011-10-03

Questions :  How to set up alarm output ?

Problem Solving :

Step1 : The wiring of Door Contact and Tamper Switch to share one Alarm output as below:

Step2 : Alarm conditions:

  1. Arming is enabled   2. Alarm system connected


    1. Door open too long: Door is open longer than door relay time plus door close time.

    2. Force open (Opened without a valid user card): Access by force or illegal procedure.

    3. Door position abnormal: Arming is enabled and the power is suddenly off then on.


Step3 : Flow chart of Alarm setting when Door open too long ?

Step4  : Flow chart of Alarm setting when Force open and Door position abnormal?

Step5 :  How to Stop Alarm?

1. Flash one valid card

2. Door closed or Exit by Push button Enable : 20*064#


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