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Can you provide us with the information to access to the VisualProx database via odbc ?
No. S00101001-EN

Serial NO.: S00101001-EN

Date of Editing: 2008-10-27


1. Please download Mimer SQL Engine 9.2.5 through below path then click red mark within download page and install it.
1.2 download page:

2. Run the Mimer SQL Engine 9.2/ DbVisualizer as below graphic

3.1. Choice Tools/ Driver Manger as below graphic,

3.2 download Mimer driver by User Specified via C:\Program Files\Mimer SQL9.2\mimijdbc3.jar

3.3 download Mimer driver by System Classpath same as above atep

4.1 Create Database Connection

4.2 Then fill out VPROX as below screen.

4.3 select Database Driver Mimer.

4.4 Fill out Database: VisualProx, Userid: ADMIN, Password: admin then click test connect button.

5.1 Input Click connect button

5.2 You can see VPROX item in red mark.

5.3 You can review the Visual Prox database.

6. You can also refer to vprox.rtf-Word Pad and compare each table and each column.

--Make sure VisualProx is in start server status.

--You can review above status via below graphic.

--And choice Start Server let red light change to green light

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