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I cannot install 701Server. How can I solve this problem?
No. S00201006-EN

Serial NO.: S00201006-EN

Date of Editing: 2011-08-25


The reason that make you cannot install 701Server might be without installing NET Framework 2.0
If you still got old version of 701Server, please backup all the information and data. Then you could remove the old version of 701Server. Finally, you can install new software.
Please follow the step as bellow, and then you could solve your problem.

Step 1: Record and backup

a.    Please record all the setting parameter from 701Server, you may write it down on the paper
Click   to record the COM port setting
Click   to record the node id for controller
Click   to record the parameter for 716E/727E
Click   to record the parameter for 821E/829E
   Click “Setting” and then click “Time Attendance” to record time attendance setting parameter

b.    Please backup the default value of 701Client
1.    Establish a new folder on the desktop
2.    Click “setting”   and then click “ Backup restore”  
3.    To set the file path  , please select the new folder that you establish on the desktop as backup file path and then press “Backup”  
After install new software, follow same path to restore these default data   
c.    Please copy C:\Program files\701Client &701Server  and save to the desktop, in case you need these data.

Step 2: Remove old version software

    Please make sure the first step is done completely, and then start to remove software.
a.    Please click “Start” and select “Control Panel”  Notice: All 701 software must be off
b.    Click “Change or Remove Programs” to remove 701Server and 701Client
c.    Click “Start” and select “Run”, and then input “regedit” and press “OK”
d.    Please delete two folders (701Client and 701Server)

e.    Finally, please click into C:\Program files\ to delete 701Client &701Server  these two folders

Step 3: Install the latest software

     Make sure to finish step 1 and step 2, and then begin installation.
a.    Before installation, please make sure the PC has  program or you can download it from Microsoft website.
b.    Follow the guide to install the software.
c.    After installation, you could reset the 701Sever setting parameter according to the old setting parameter that you record on the paper
Please execute 701Client and restore the data that you backup in the new folder.

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