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Why IP readers show offline, but you can enter to its webpage settings?
No. T003006-EN

Serial NO. : T003006-EN

Date of Editing : 2016-01-20

Questions :  Why IP readers show offline, but you can enter to its webpage settings?


The customer insists his setting in 701Server is correct, but device shows offline. The warning message keeps popping out “TCP error”.

Solution: First, if Device can be connected via Browser, let us check Network Port status firstly
Second, you can see red circle in the picture, at least “0080 port connected” can be seen.
Third, if you don’t see “port 1621 connected”, make sure “1621” Port setting is right. If setting is right, that means 1621 port has been shield, so data cannot be received, need to open 1621 port

You can check the port setting via browser. For 727CM config. Check CH1 Setting, confirm now it is default 1621, or it has been changed with new port. For TCP readers, check “TCP Listen port” about TCP port number

If your device is old version AR-727Cm-V1 or 727i-V1, input Telnet Port for old version AR-727CM-V1 (Metal) or AR-727i-V1. Because V1 cannot check network connection status via Browser, we need to use “Telnet Port” to check V1 device port status.

**Telnet is used to check Port status: Go “Start”> and type “cmd” to enter to the command dos windows.

First picture shows TCP port not response, while Second picture shows TCP port responses. Here we can see one probe flashing means Log-in, waiting for a response.

However, please note that if the site has set up the Router for network administration or firewall host, due to the anti-hacker protection mechanism, the Port opened does not mean that the device connect well.

Next we suggest checking whether IP & Device Name is matched. If installing multi units IP devices in one LAN area, we suggest your customer to set up unique private Device name for each IP reader or Converter in order to easily identify and manage!!

If you have already edited device name, you also can use software “UDP Updater” to scan device IP, so Device name will be listed with IP here. In this way, you can check whether the device name is matched with IP address.

But if Device cannot be connected via Browser, pls go to Ping device IP address.

If you see IP doesn’t respond, you should ask your network administrator to check network status. If you can see IP responds, which verify the IP address running in the LAN area, but it can’t verify TCP port is available.


If Ping IP get response, next you should use ARP to check IP address is correctly used for SOYAL Device. ARP is used for resolution of network layer addresses into link layer addresses. When you input Command: arp –a (arp space  bar a), it lists available IPs and Mac address. If physical address shows 00-13-57, it means IP is used by SOYAL device. If Mac is not matched with SOYAL device (SOYAL Mac: 00-13-57) but show other numbers. Hereby we can conclude that the IP address is not be used for SOYAL Device, it is likely occupied by other device.

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