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How to use different Windows accounts to login 701Server and 701Client in one PC? Why it shows “Reinstall program”?
No. S00201025-EN

Serial NO.: S00201025-EN

Date of Editing:  2018-06-28


Windows will ask the software download is only in one of the account or all accounts, the warning window of Reinstall message will popup if the user select only in single account.


Download 701ServerSQL/701ClientSQL in A user account and execute the software by B account:

If only install 701Software on one of PC Account but would login PC with different Account to use 701software, please follow the below steps to separately export . reg file of 701Server and 701Client and save to Disk C and also Active two .reg file after login with different User Account, then 701Software can be executed when you login PC with different User Account.

1.    Input “regedit” on Search Area.
2.    Find “regedit” and twice click “regedit”and click Ok to enter “regedit” Window
3.    Finder out “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” Foloder
4.    Find out “Software” Folder
5.    Find out “SOYAL” Folder
6.    Find out “701Server”  and “701Client” Folder

7.    Separately Right Click two folder of “701Server”  and “701Client” , follow the below step to export the 701Server registration file and 701Client registration file on Disk C

8.    After login PC with different PC Account ,  follow the below steps to add two .reg file to Registry List

9 . Then you can start to run 701software
Start----> All Programs ----> Soyal Software ,  below is my testing after create one new User login Account.


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