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How to check communication status when device connect to PC by TCP/IP?
No. S00202003-EN

Serial NO.: S00202003-EN

Date of Editing: 2010-01-29


► Required/Applied Condition:  
701server/client, 725E/821EFBi or other reader that connect to PC by TCP/IP
► Function:  Check device communication status
► Problem Description:
Connect one 725E to PC by TCP/IP, set node ID: 007,  IP :
   Connect one 821EFBi to PC by TCP/IP, set node ID: 005, IP:
When downloads user data to controller 005, there will occur “Communication error while download” message, that mean device are off-line now.

► Problem Solving:
Step1. check communication status from 3 different path.
1. Check the Communication status in 701server. Y mean 725E device on line, X mean 821EFi off line.

2. Click Start-►Run, input ”cmd” in run window to ping IP status.  


3. Enter web page, input “”, the online status will occur the following figure that mean online :

Input “”, the offline status will occur the following figure that mean offline :

Step2. When finally confirm that the device with IP surely is off-line , pls check your network cable & HUB or ask a help from your network administrator .

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