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Why swiping card on controller under AR-716E the event log shows card code 00000?
No. S00202010-EN

Serial NO.: S00202010-EN

Date of Editing: 2019-05-31


When AR-716E and controllers under it are confirmed to be online, editing user card data is done, downloading user card data to the controller is also successful, but the event log shows card code 00000 as below:

Indicator card code displays 00000:

1. When selecting model no. on 701 Server, you have to select [716 EV3/Ei] not [716Ev5].
If you are choosing [AR-716Ev5], AR-716E and controllers under it can online and successfully download data but the event log will have error because of choosing wrong model no.

2. When only valid card showing card code 0000, meanwhile for invalid card the card number shows normal number, it might happened to because:
- The firmware version of AR-716E is too old or
- 701 Client version is too old
To solve this issue, please be kind to update AR-716E and controllers FW and 701 Server and Client. Refer to indicator table above for applicable firmware and software version.


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