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How to display DI/DO status of Energy Saver AR-888-W on 701Client?
No. H00817003-EN

Serial NO. : H00817003-EN

Date of Editing : 2018-10-29

Questions :  How to display DI/DO status of Energy Saver AR-888-W on 701Client?

Problem Solving :

1. Upgrade Software Version:

701ServerSetup806 181022.exe and After version

701ClientSetup806 181029.exe and After version

2. Upgrade FW Version: APS721Ev2__V0401_181026.STM and After version

3. Hardware and Wiring:

AR-721E/Ei-V2, AR-888WD, AR-CPO-888, AR-CPI-888

4. 701Server Software Setting:

701Server support to connect up to 255 units of 721E/Ei-V2 and each unit of 721E/Ei-V2 can connect up to 16 pcs of AR-888W; please tick the corresponding node ID for 888WD on the parameter setting page of 721E/Ei-V2

5. 701Client Software Setting:

    5.1 Find the file of GuestRoom.xls on the path of C:\Program Files (x86)\701Client and edit the name for each AR-727E/Ei-V2 and AR-888-WD

    Note: Node ID of Controller can be added by manual and ll names can be edded as your needs


    5.2 Execute 701Client Software

    View---> Guest Status to open the window of displaying 888W DI/O status.

    Each 888WD is built-in 4 DI and 2DO for different applications, the window can display all DI/O status for each 888W.

    Note: Only when “Reflash button” is pressed, each DI/O status will be read from 888W and displayed on the window.

    For example: We use DI2 for Service of Clean Up;

    If the button of Clean up on Service Panel AR-CPO-888 is pressed and the manager press “Reflash button”, the DI2 field for this room will display     an icon  to remind the manager that the room is requesting “Clean up “service; if the room doesn’t request Service, the corresponding             fieldis blank without any Service icon.

    The following picture show you an example: Room101 is requesting “Clean up “Service; Room102 doesn’t request Service and other Rooms are       offline.


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