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Why the record of 701ClientSQL required short interval to polling messages?
No. H00817002-EN

The first reason is that the computer audio system didn’t installed or supported completely, caused the error of 701ClientSQL sound broadcast. In actually, the error will not affect the event log receiving of 701ClientSQL.

Another reason is the Antivirus Software caused the data receiving abnormal, please exclude 701ClientSQL and 701ServerSQL in the antivirus software.

Solution 1. Confirm the polling interval in COM setting

Firstly, we have to tick up “Enable Event Polling”, the Polling Interval could be 100 - 5000ms, and 300 - 500ms is the standard interval.


Solution 2. Correctly install the audio system

Check the Audio system in project manager, it will display warning signal as below when system cannot find the audio program, or the audio system will even be empty here

Solution 3. Modify the name of sound folder


Name the sound folder as soundx, and the 701ClientSQL will be unavailable to search the folder.


Path: C:\Program File(x86)\701Client\sound

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