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How to Automatically Export Multi-User’s Monthly Report in Excel Format?
No. S00312004-EN

Serial NO. : S00312004-EN

Date of Editing : 2016-03-31

Questions :  How to Automatically Export Multi-User’s Monthly Report in Excel Format?

Problem Solving :

Part1:  Upgrade compatible 701 Client Version: After 701ClientSetup805160331.exe”

(You can get the new software version on SOYAL Website )

Part2:  Setting Procedure

Step1.  Click Icon “Edit View Option of Report/History “on Menu Bar

Step2.  Assign Start Date~ End Date and also exact Time for one day.

For Monthly Report, usually we should choose the whole days per month, here we select May 1st, 2015 ~May.30th,2015 for example.

Step3.  Assign User Range you would export the Monthly Report, the software don’t limit any the range

       The User Range is not limited only 50; you can assign larger User range for export and only need to be less than the Maximum User Range 15,000 on 701Software. Here we assign only User1~50 as example.

Step4.  Click “Yes” to exit.

Step5.  Click Icon “6 Multi Time and Attendance Reports” on Menu Bar;

The software will take several Seconds to create 50 Monthly Report for User1 ~ User50, But In order to Saving the Space of Software, 701Client will only display User1~User5 reports, the whole monthly Reports will be exported in Excel file.

Step6.  At the Same time, Monthly Report for User1~User50 will be automatically exported in Excel format Under Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\701Client, the file will be named as like MonRepYYMMDD_00001_00050

Each user’s Monthly Report will be listed in a sheet.

Note: Since the new software can automatically export Monthly Report, the previous options of exporting in .txt file by Manual will be disabled.

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