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The Procedure of Setting Arming Output On AR-725-E
No. H03006001-EN

Serial NO. : H03006001-EN

Date of Editing : 2012-09-10

Questions :  The Procedure of Setting Arming Output On AR-725-E

Problem Solving :

Step1 Connect one arming output such as indicator LED from pin3 on connector P6 via relay

The wiring of connect to arming output as below:

Step2 Enable Arming output via command 28*008#

Step3 The below chart is two method of enable 725EV2 and its WG reader on Arming status

Here we can select one method to enable arming status

The result as below example, the arming output will keep light red LED as indicator that the reader stay on arming status

Note: The below method is to disable arming status on 725EV2 and its WG reader, the precondition to active alarm is to keeping reader on arming status, once you disable arming , the alarm will not be active

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